Assessment Service

  • EU Pledge members can seek advice on the creative execution of ads for non-compliant products1 against the EU Pledge commitment. Experts from national self-regulatory organisations (SROs) will review whether the ad is primarily appealing to children under the age of 13, or not.
  • SROs will not give advice on compliance against national statutory and/or voluntary requirements, including the ICC Code and Framework. This will have to be sought with the relevant national organisations.
  • Companies will receive a non-binding assessment, evaluating the creative execution of the ad. The report will be confidential.
  • 5 working days from the acceptance of the terms and conditions, through the signature of an order form, and the receipt by EASA of the documentation necessary for the preparation of the assessment.
  • The fee for a unit of assessment service will be 250€. Any supplementary units will incur additional fees. The following will be taken into account in relation to the computation of the units for advertising pieces of special length:
    • For audiovisual commercial communications: If the duration is up to 60 seconds, a unit will be calculated. For durations exceeding 60 seconds, an additional unit will be calculated for each subsequent section of up to 60 seconds that surpasses the initial minute.
    • For advertising on web pages: As a general guideline, a unit is computed for each section necessary to display the commercial communication or piece.
    • For catalogues or similar materials: One unit will be calculated for every set of 4 pages.


1 See EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria White Paper